2. Category Management

fmProducts - Category Section. 

Comfortable for your customers and visitors category tree makes your Store user-friendly and tilts the balance to the advantage of your products.

Store Manager for  X-Cart allows you to specify, modify or remove  X-Cart categories and adjust all structure to meet your needs in convenient X-Cart category management. You can browse your X-Cart category tree as easy as

you browse your folders. You can manage your X-Cart category tree using simple drag-and-drop technology. It requires few clicks only to make changes and will simplify this time-consuming but so important operation.

To perform basic operations like add, edit or delete X-Cart  categories you can use X-Cart Categories toolbar    or context menu: 


From the toolbar and the context menuyou can perform the following basic operations: 

1. Refresh categories list  forces  X-Cart categories list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

2. Add new category  calls blank  X-Cart Edit category form, which is used to create a new category. Edit category form description see below.
3. To edit category you can double click on it or use  X-Cart edit category  button. It calls edit category form for highlighted category. Edit category form description see below.
4. You can delete selected  X-Cart category and its subcategories from your store . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store option unless you've made d-base backup.

You have to confirm this action:


And to select:

  • Yes - to delete the  X-Cart category and all it's products, but for each of it's subcategories it will ask you to confirm action again.
  • No - to close the window without any changes made, but for each of it's subcategories it will ask you to confirm action again.
  • No to All - to close the window without any changes made.
  • Yes to All - to delete  X-Cart categories altogether, including their products and subcategories.
Note: If you have products assigned to multiple X-Cart categories they will be removed not only from selected category but from the store completely! 
5. To expand / collapse category tree use appropriate   icon.

6. To manage X-Cart  Category tree use Drag-and-drop technology. You can move X-Cart categories with subcategories and products, just highlight category (ies), drag it (them), drop on any of the  X-Cart category names and confirm operation:

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